10 Best Dragon Ball Z Fights

2. Majin Vegeta vs Buu
Buu Saga


Vegeta doesn’t get the spotlight very often, thanks to always being a step behind Goku. But there is one moment during the Buu Saga where that all changes. With Goku missing in action, Majin Vegeta steps up to take down Buu. They fight it out for a short time, but it’s clear that no normal attack will take down the pink menace. Vegeta makes the final decision to sacrifice himself to end the fighting permanently.

Although the fight itself isn’t as exciting or flashy as many of the others, the significance it holds for the character couldn’t be higher. This moment shows Vegeta in a brand new light, as we see him sacrifice himself for his family, for the planet, and yes, even for Goku. It’s a defining moment for him as a character, and as such makes the entire fight that much more significant. Also, the subsequent explosion that radiates from his body is stunning. For a brief moment, we truly believe he has defeated Buu.