10 Best Dragon Ball Z Fights

1. Teen Gohan vs Cell
Cell Saga


In a series filled with amazing fights, it’s tough to pick a number one. But at the end of the day we simply couldn’t think of any scene more deserving than the epic showdown between Cell and Gohan. The fight versus Perfect Cell is an emotional one, as a teenage Gohan has to step up to save the day, after all others have failed. This includes his own father, who sacrificed himself in an attempt to defeat Cell.

The fight itself is just a giant beam battle, which at first glance may not be terribly interesting. But there’s an emotional battle going on within Gohan that is far more important than the Ki battle we can see. Refusing to fight at full power because he is afraid of the results and what could happen to the planet, Gohan nearly loses the fight entirely. With a little help from Vegeta, and the emotional support and help from his father, he is able to seize an opportunity to finish the fight.

It’s then that we are treated to one of the best scenes in the series, as Teen Gohan walks towards Cell, pushing his Kamehameha with one hand as the music swells up, signaling his victory. It’s one of the most well executed moments in the series, and is certainly the greatest for Gohan.

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