10 Best Dragon Ball Z Fights

7. Goku & Group vs Broly

Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan Movie

Although Broly appears a few times throughout Dragon Ball Z, it’s his first fight that still holds the most weight. Broly does not care about conquering worlds, or becoming the strongest. He simply wants to put an end to Kakarot. He’s ruthless in his attacks, and is such a large, intimidating enemy that he makes Goku and everyone else seem tiny by comparison.

One moment really stands out. After a lengthy battle, Goku fires a last-ditch Kamehameha into Broly at near point black range. The explosion is huge, and it seems he surely must be dead. However, as the smoke clears, we see Broly standing there, unphased by the attack. He even goes so far as to laugh at Goku, mocking him for his weak attack. This lasts just a few seconds, but it showcases the incredible might of Broly, and what it is that makes him such an intimidating force.