10 Best Dragon Ball Z Fights

5. God Goku vs God Frieza
Resurrection F Movie

Seeing Frieza back in action and stronger than ever was a great sight to behold in Resurrection F, and thanks to animation improvements, the fight looked gorgeous.

An interesting twist helps elevate this fight to even higher levels, thanks Goku using brains rather than brawns to come out on top. Goku stalls the fight as long as he can, until Frieza begins running out of energy and can no longer maintain his new form. Often times DBZ presents viewers with the reverse, with the heroes running out of juice too soon.

So it’s a pleasant surprise when we see Goku using this technique against one of his oldest foes. Even more of a shocker, seeing Goku nearly get killed moments later, as Frieza has his henchman shoot Goku in a last ditch effort to secure his victory.