10 Facts You Need To Know About The Punisher

8. The Punisher Met Archie

I may have already talked about how The Punisher meets Eminem, but you know who I love even more than Eminem? Archie, and that’s why there is absolutely no way that I wouldn’t write about the time The Punisher met Archie.

The story opens with The Punisher chasing a trench coat-wearing man (we later find out is named Melvin Jay), who purchases a one-way ticket to Riverdale. In the town, Archie is trying to convince Veronica to go to the dance, but makes a mistake and is promptly dumped. Oh, Archie.

He then goes and asks Betty to the dance, unaware that he was being followed. Veronica, always wanting a date, has now been set up by her father with Melvin Jay, who looks just like Archie, only he has buck teeth and is an a-hole.

Instead of having to kill Jay, like he’d normally do, Frank set a deal with the government to try and bring him back to them alive, though that order becomes less important as the comic develops.

The Punisher ends up tailing a car that contains the two other mysterious men and Archie and Jughead. Having no other option, Frank ends up ramming the car. Archie passes out, and wakes up to seeing The Punisher standing over him. The Punisher quickly realizes his mistake, but a trick from Jughead allows the two to escape.

Things come to a head when The Punisher figures out that Jay will be back at the dance and returns, posing to Miss Grundy as the new Phys Ed Teacher. After he notices Jay in the crowd, panic ensues and Veronica is shoved to the door at gun-point by Jay.

The gang, now absent of Veronica, are able to deduce where Jay has taken her hostage and are able to get there before it is too late. A shootout occurs but after, Jay gets his foot caught on a balloon and is immobilized in the air. The Punisher decides not to kill him. Aw, how sweet?

The comic ends with Wolverine getting the task to hunt down perhaps the most dangerous mutant in the entire world, who just happens to look a lot like Jughead.