How to make Big Bucks Playing Video Games

Video games are one of the coolest things around. You can be a space marine blasting through evil alien vampires or a normal marine blasting through evil Nazi vampires.

The possibilities are endless! Video games are just plain good fun, but as our parents always told us, they’re not going to get us anywhere in life, right?

Wrong! Ha-ha, Mom and Dad (or some other combination), video games can make us rich. Look at all these people who made big bucks doing little more than playing video games.

Lots of people sell virtual goods

Selling things is the oldest way to make money that doesn’t involve sex. You do work, make things, and then other people go, “Hey, I want that.” Somehow, this did not stop at actual physical objects and has continued on into the realm of the digital world.

You can make a huge amount of dough just by selling virtual goods. For instance, Jenna Bagwell? She makes $100,000 every year selling stuff in Second Life. Most people have never even heard of Second Life, but she pulls in six figures annually selling imaginary items in it.

Of course, that’s not quite as awesome as the man who sold a single virtual asteroid (called Club Neverdie) for $635,000.

Do you know how many kids you could send to college with that money? Do you know how many cans of Mountain Dew that is? All for a fake asteroid that could be hacked as easily as skfhdsrklsks v1d30 gam3s r duuuumb lols