How to make Big Bucks Playing Video Games

The team funded by a billionaire

Patrons used to make the world go round. These incredibly rich folk would help an artist survive. The patrons would be, sort of, their employers. The same basic conceit went into the website Patreon.

Sadly, though, unlike in olden days, being an artist with a fully funded venture is most often impossible. But not for everyone. For instance, there’s one DOTA 2 team (DOTA 2 is a game; unless you’re a huge nerd, you’ve never played it) that is completely sponsored by a billionaire. Think about being a billionaire and deciding to devote your money to a team called Newbee who play video games for a living.

Now, granted, the team is popular and does make money, but still … doesn’t a billionaire have anything better to do with that money? Couldn’t you cure cancer with that? Feed the hungry? No? Is none of that as cool as video games? Okay … well, can we have some then?