How to make Big Bucks Playing Video Games

The speed runner made of money

Speed running sounds a bit redundant doesn’t it? What, are you going to slow run? But it’s a very specific phrase referring to getting through a game as fast as possible. Now, we don’t mean just hitting “skip” every time there’s a cut scene.

No, see, speed runners have played the games they’re running so many times—over and over—that they know every single possible part of it, how to get through the level as fast as possible, and how to exploit the game into breaking itself so they can move through it faster. For instance, a game that normally takes dozens of hours to beat, can be finished in about 13 minutes.

This isn’t a random guess either. We’re specifically referring to Cosmo Wright’s time beating The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Due to his awesome video game skills, and streaming his speedruns, Cosmo Wright has amassed quite a pretty penny. See, all you have to do to turn your video game skills to gold is practice practice practice … forever.