PlayStationBeyond editorial staff are literate, able to write to a high degree of accuracy and are passionate about all things to do with PlayStation. We are currently looking for staff to join our dedicated team of writers. The following positions are vacant:�

Staff Writer
Responsible for writing news and features, previews, and reviews. The ability to liaise with PR is advantageous and finding information about the game being written about is the key to success. Staff Writers are expected to turn around lengthy content and timely news reports on a regular basis to a degree of accuracy that will require minimal editing.
� Able to convey thoughts in an informative and entertaining way
� Can stick to lengthy word counts
� Write in correct English
� Able to refer to a written staff style guide
� Must write 100 percent original work�
We have no problem if you�re not sure which category you want to fit into. In fact, in our eyes it�s even better. If you want to apply for either News Editor or Features Editor positions, you can do that and also write previews, reviews and news, whether it�s on a regular basis or once in awhile. If you�re not sure what you want to be writing, why not apply as a Staff Writer, where you�ll be able to write news, previews, reviews and other content.
Since we are constantly expanding and improving the site, our design needs are constantly changing. We need a talented team of designers to help us grow the site, and create a better user experience for our members.
� Photoshop experience
� Previous page layout design experience (with examples)
Media Collector
Publishers are constantly releasing new videos, screenshots, and other media to promote their games, and we have to make sure we have it all available here. We need people to make this happen.
� Decent internet upload speed
� Resourceful
If any of our vacancies appeal to you, we�d like to hear from you. Please include a sample relevant to the job you are applying for, or examples of past experience, in your email to us:
Subject: PlayStation Beyond Staff Application