We Dare

David Jaffe on We Dare controversy

by Denis Ivanov - February 27th, 2011

David Jaffe on We Dare controversy

UbiSoft's latest sexy minigame collection has seen quite a bit of negative attention from the press, but a statement from David Jaffe can add fuel to almost any controversial subject. Here is what Mr Twisted Metal had to say about UbiSoft's We Dare for the Wii and PlayStation 3

"We Dare (wil Dare?): a couple of hot women jokingly kissing, jokingly getting spanked, and jokingly spanking each other. It's a fun trailer and the game looks like it could be silly fun under the right circumstances. Why is this getting so much e-ink?

 Again, I can't imagine they are targeting KIDS with this. That's very different. But then again, kids are exposed as young teens to so much bawdier stuff on CW style tv shows that maybe this IS where the needle is set for that age group these days? Certainly nothing wrong with 13 year olds kissing, pretty healthy and normal. Perhaps We Dare wants to be the new gen's version of 7 MINUTES IN HEAVEN or SPIN THE BOTTLE or LICK THE DOG'S ANUS....wait...was I the only one who played that last one?!? No wonder my Junior High parties were never well attended :("

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