Twisted Metal

David Jaffe talks about NGP

by Denis Ivanov - January 29th, 2011

David Jaffe talks about NGP

In a recent tweet David Jaffe voiced his thoughts on Sony's upcoming portable system. Here is what the father of Twisted Metal and God of War had to say

"New hardware is like new pussy. It's exciting at first but after you've experienced enough fresh vagina over the years- while there's still always a bit of excitement when something new comes along- you learn that sooner than later, the new and exciting becomes the standard and dependable and so it's best to just stay focused and greatful on what you've got at the moment and if you need to make a change, it'll just happen organically."

"It was not anti NGP at all. I'm just saying we are grateful Sony is letting us make games for the PS3 and if NGP is in our future, that will rock but it's not something I'm thinking about cause I'm so focused, happy, and greatful 4 the hardware we're currently using"

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