Original Castle Wolfenstein painting on action

by Denis Ivanov - February 12th, 2011

Original Castle Wolfenstein painting on action

A peice of gaming history, a painting with the box art of Castle Wolfenstein is now being auctioned on eBay. It's not a print copy - it was hand painted by John D. Benson. The current bid is $305 with 4 days and 15 hours left. So if you're a geek with too much money on your hands, go ahead and  join the bidding.


Some of you might remember Castle Wolfenstein and as one of the first FPSes in ever made and the predecessor to Doom. And you would be wrong. Castle Wolfenstein was a 1981 game for the Apple II, which was ported to Atari 400/800, DOS and Commodore 64. It was a top-down game that focused on stealth.

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