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Rumor: Dark Cloud 3 being developed for PS3 exclusively

by Andrew Jeffery - June 19th, 2008

Rumor: Dark Cloud 3 being developed for PS3 exclusively

According to Italian Playstation magazine PSMania, Level 5 who are currently working on White Knight Chronicles which is due out later this year are rumored to also be working on Dark Cloud 3 which will release exclusively on the Playstation 3 in 2009.

The translated article states

"One of our infiltrates, has revealed that Level 5 is working on a new Dark Cloud exclusively for the PlayStation 3. This title will come out in March of 2009, and will be developed using a new open-technology, the Japanese style "Kumo Engine"

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    PlayStation 2
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    Level 5
  • Publisher:
    Sony Computer Entertainment
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    T — Teen
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    139 of 454
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    7 of 17
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