Square Enix is working on a large scale "AAA" title for core gamer

by Debabrata Nath - September 3rd, 2010

Square Enix is working on a large scale

Looks like Square's finally decided that they need to create a title which will create a stir in the games industry. At the recently concluded CEDEC conference in Yokohama, apart from unveiling their "next-gen" game engine Luminous, Square Enix disclosed that both their Japan and West Coast studios are working together on an "huge" upcoming unannounced title. 

They further announced that Yosuke Shiokawa is heading the project as the creative director of the game. He previously directed Dissidia : Final Fantasy. Although, Square didn't reveal much about the "secret" project, they did disclose a few objectives that they have in mind. 

The title is a large-scale project which is being developed in collaboration with both Japanese and American studios of Square. The title is primarily being developed with core gamers in mind and Square aims to get a Metacritic score of over 90 for the game.

As you can see this game's gonna be as big as it can get and Square looks determined to produce a blockbuster. We are pretty sure it's going to be a new IP and our sources tell us that it might feature a brand new protagonistm with whom gamers can "relate" with.

For now, we can just hope they announce the title at TGS 2010 or before the year ends. 

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