PS1 Games you Never Played, but Should – Part 2

As said in part 1 of the ‘’PS1 Games you Never Played, but Should’’, the original PlayStation offered a plethora of misc gems hidden behind some of the more successful games,

but all of them were equally as valid and fun.Each of us have a recollection of certain games that we never very well known, but nonetheless we enjoyed immensely at one time or another. Here’s our pick of the next batch of hidden PlayStation classics.

Jersey Devil

Perhaps the most prevalent genre among PlayStation developers, and one that is sadly lacking in today’s generation of consoles, is the platformer. Throughout the course of the PS1’s cycle, we were greeted with classics such as Spyro the Dragon, Gex, and Crash Bandicoot; however one that oddly seemed to slip through the guise was Behaviour Interactive’s Jersey Devil.