Spider-Man’s Powers You Didn’t Know About


iron spider armor


During the “Civil War” storyline, Tony Stark builds Spider-Man a suit of high-tech armor to augment his abilities. Spider-Man uses the suit, and the mechanical arms, to fight Captain America, and there’s no doubt that the suit gives him advantages that he wouldn’t normally have. Other features of the suit – and thus Spider-Man’s enhanced powers – include bullet-proofing, a built-in emergency scanner, and audio/video amplification.

The suit also allows Spider-Man to breathe underwater, and it’s “smart liquid metal” materials allows it to shift into different shapes and even look like previous versions of Spider-Man’s costume; or even his street clothes. And while all of these powers helped to make Spider-Man exponentially more powerful than he ever was before, a secret override in the suit allowed it to be deactivated by Stark in case Spider-Man ever switched sides in the Civil War conflict.

Via screenrant.com