Spider-Man’s Powers You Didn’t Know About


Spider-Man Mystical Powers

There has always been a thread throughout Spider-Man comics where he has questioned the origins of his powers. Whether it be the slap-dash explanation given in the Amazing Spider-Man films, or the psychedelic Madame Web route that the animated 1994 Spider-Man TV series went down, Spider-Man is always looking for answers, and sometimes those answers are that his powers came from something mystical.

In the past, Dr. Strange has tied Spider-Man to an ancient prophecy, as well as the Lord Order and Master Chaos (a group of cosmic beings) taking credit for making the spider bite Peter Parker. Mystical powers would also explain Spider-Man’s infamous spider-sense; his ability to detect threats in a perceived psychic manner.

However, given Peter Parker’s love for science and all things that can be explained by reason, Spider-Man’s mystical powers have always been on the back-burner, generally tossed aside for more simple explanations involving radiation or DNA splicing.