The Best and the Worst Batman Movies

4. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

I have been able to watch it quite a few times and it’s not a bad movie but I don’t think it was the epic finale we all wanted from Nolan’s trilogy. Fast-forwarding so many years was interesting enough and that isn’t what bothered me.

What got me about The Dark Knight Rises was the fact that Bruce wasn’t handled in a way that I expected him to be. It was almost like they took us back to Batman Begins and we had to watch him become Batman once again. I got it but at the same time it really bothered me.

Add to that downright dumb casting for Catwoman and an extremely underwhelming and lame exit for Bane, it just fell down on its face for me. I still enjoyed it more than Batman Begins, but it wasn’t anywhere near the finale I was expecting and it wasn’t the finale we deserved.