The Best and the Worst Batman Movies

2. Batman Returns (1992)

I made a bold statement in my post ranking the films of Tim Burton by stating that Batman Returns is my favorite Batman movie. That is a true statement. However, just because it’s my personal favorite doesn’t mean I think it’s the absolute best Batman film to reach the silver screen. It gets edged out for #1 for numerous reasons.

I love Batman Returns for it’s dark and somewhat sinister tone. It shows Gotham for what it is and almost makes the city itself a supporting character of the film. For the first time you really get a glimpse at how nasty and corrupt this city and its government is.

The version also gave us a violent but fantasy-like feel which fit the versions of the character and the villains like a glove. It even got complaints back in the day from parents for being a little too violent and adult for children.

The cast was spot on and although many disagree, Michelle Pfeiffer is the best Catwoman we’ve had and the way she brought Selina Kyle to life was 100% perfect. Danny DeVito was also the perfect choice to portray Penguin, at least the version of Penguin that Tim Burton gave us.