The Best and the Worst Batman Movies

1. The Dark Knight (2008)

Did you expect any different? What Christopher Nolan gave us with The Dark Knight isn’t just a stroke of genius regarding the DC Universe, but it is easily one of the best films ever made. Period.

The film itself is incredibly well put together and the balance that Christopher Nolan brought to the characters was flawless. He attempted to ground Batman in a semi-believable reality with Batman Begins, but it wasn’t until The Dark Knight that you actually believed it.

The introduction of the mob underground within Gotham and the way The Joker slithered his way into the mix was clever and it showed how seemingly crazy but manipulative he could be. Bruce’s struggle with being viewed as a wanted vigilante and not someone who is simply trying to clean up the city was visible and there are times as a viewer that you find yourself on the fence. Should Bruce turn himself in or keep running from the law?

Even with all of the great plot points, casting, character development, and everything else there is no getting around the fact that The Joker made this movie. Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the villain was masterful. Many people were nervous about Ledger’s casting but he managed to prove everyone wrong and showed that he had the versatility, discipline, and ability to bring this iconic villain to life in a realistic way that was so believable it was a bit creepy.

His death came far too soon as many hoped he would reprise the role in a future film, but his legacy will continue to live on within the Batman film category. He deserved the Academy Award. It’s just a shame he wasn’t able to accept it in person.