The Hottest Body Paint Cosplay Ever

Body paint is one of the coolest wearable pieces of art there is. It hides nothing and reveals all.

It is stripped down varieties of your favourite video game characters artistically drawn to display the cosplayer’s finest “attributes” in their full glory.

The beauties listed below are some of the most alluring specimen in the world, and most certainly in the cosplay community, making them the perfect canvases to display artistic form in its rawest form.

Beauty after all, is wonderfully skin deep.

10. Starfire, Injustice 2

Starfire is a complex character. An alien princess from the fictional world Tamaran, she endured a lifetime of horrifying servitude at the hands of her demented villainous sister, Komand’r, or rather, Blackfire.

Despite this nightmarish upbringing, Starfire remains an optimistic heroine, bringing her joy, impossibly stunning good looks, and Amazonian-like powers onto our screens as a future playable DLC character in Injustice 2.

Starfire has always shared the DC stage with some of the biggest characters out there. A mainstay in many DC video games, Starfire has appeared in the Teen Titans Game Boy Advance game and Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

With a full figure physique, it’s easy to see why cosplayers challenge themselves at displaying her full beauty in her body paint form, hiding nothing, yet elegantly displaying Starfire’s otherworldly allure in its full glory.