The Hottest Body Paint Cosplay Ever

1. Queen Of The Blades, Starcraft 2

Original a member of the Terrans, Sarah Kerrigan was an expert espionage agent and member of the Ghost squad – Terran’s elite sniper squad, sent behind enemy lines to accomplish the most of covert ops. The infamous ghost line, “nuclear launch detected” spread fear among Starcraft gamers as they scrambled to find the hidden ghost among their midst.

Portraying Kerrigan’s infested form, the Queen of the Blades, this cosplayer beautifully depicts Kerrigan’s brooding and ravenous persona – a bloodthirsty death-dealer seeking revenge for those that have done her wrong. Portraying Kerrigan, especially in her infested form is never easy.

There’s intricacies involved that must be considered, but we can all certainly agree that this cosplay has brought the Queen of Blades to life. Certainly, this must be the Queen of Cosplays.