The Hottest Body Paint Cosplay Ever

8. Sindel, Mortal Kombat

There’s no question that Mortal Kombat has earned its place in video game history. When the now defunct Midway Games first released Mortal Kombat, it set a generational trend in fight games for years to come.

Mortal Kombat stood shoulders above rival fight giants with original style, garnering attention from pulling elemental influences from different sources – 70s kung fu movies, 80s action flicks, and the over-the-top violence that it immediately became known for.

After drawing first blood, Mortal Kombat remained relevant thanks to its solid production, impressive visual techniques, and employing a cast of characters that adds layers of depth and complexity to your connection with the video games.

This can all be seen in how fans have reacted to the franchise, eagerly strutting their stuff at conventions, just like Sindel shown above – a cosplay costume made purely from body paint. Makes us want to utter Scorpion’s famous fight phrase… Get over here!