The Hottest Body Paint Cosplay Ever

7. Morrigan, Darkstalkers

The most prominent Darkstalkers character in the franchise’s history, Morrigan’s demonic appearance is elevated to a status beyond her devilish demeanour. As one of the main protagonists of the Darkstalkers series, Morrigan has made appearances in countless other Capcom games, from the ever-popular Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo to SNK vs. Capcom and Marvel vs. Capcom fight arenas.

The succubus ruler of the Makai realm, Morrigan is sexy and seductive, a hedonistic Ryu or Ken if you will. She’s one of gaming’s most iconic characters and a true fan service to adolescent boys everywhere. This attracts countless renditions of her most iconic succubus outfit, often crafted down to the most revealing detail.

With her long sea-green hair, sleeveless jet black bustier-like one piece and bat-inspired tights and wings, it’s easy to see why she’s the type of character to drive anyone batty.