The Hottest Body Paint Cosplay Ever

4. Venom, Marvel: Future Fight

Most Venom cosplayers often opt to display Eddie Brock’s rendition of the Venom symbiote – a predatory being filled with rage and utter hatred. This depiction isn’t reserved purely to the cosplay community.

Venom’s appearances in mainstream media, including video games often portray him as the antithesis to Spider-Man, debuting in Sega’s 1990 The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin, all the way up to current iOS Marvel games – Marvel: Future Fight and Spider-Man Unlimited.

This portrayal of Venom, masterfully created with brush strokes and body paint depicts the symbiote as a sultry and seductive bonding agent, rather than its common destructive force of nature.

While a number of cosplayers have had run-ins with the Venom symbiote, this removal from the traditional norm is sleek and pretty much perfect.