10 Times Twitch Streamer Girls Took It Too Far

10. Jessica Nigri

jessica nigri scammer

Jessica Nigri has been involved in a number of controversies. One was about her claiming to get peresents from fans while actually being endorsed by the makers/sellers of the products. She is said to have over 20 endorsements under her belt. Nothing wrong with being sponsored, in fact it’s an impressive badge of honor to show off to the fans. Outright lying to fans, however, is not cool.

A particularly nasty sponsorship-related controversy was the endorsement for FitTea, where she said it’s perfect product placement because most of her fans are fat.

Someone claiming to have worked with her said FitTea gave her an extra $8000 for the endorsement on the condition that she donates it to an Orlando shooting victims charity, but she only donated $3000. Admittedly, this is hearsay, but the $3000 donation is confirmed.

jessica nigri orlando donation