10 Times Twitch Streamer Girls Took It Too Far

6. Roxicett

roxicett twitch

Roxicett, a well known Runescape streamer, decided one day that she wanted to get drunk while streaming her gameplay, as per usual. Unfortunately for her, this day she ended up drinking a bit more than intended, which led to her eventual ban from Twitch.

After consuming too much, and in an effort to receive further donations from her viewers, Roxicett ultimately flashed her boobs, and then pulled down her pants, showing her butt and vagina to the entire stream.

Of course, Twitch was not just going to let this go. They moved in quickly and banned her from the service.

Whether you’re upset these ladies were banned from Twitch or not, under the rules of the streaming service they deserved exactly what they received. Of course, their fan communities spoke out each time the ban hammer came down