Top 10 Captain America Super Powers

Have you ever watched Captain America on screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and wondered exactly what it is that makes him so awesome?

He’s no Iron Man or Hulk, in that he’s not indestructible or filled with high tech weapons. He doesn’t have the godlike powers of Thor or the (soon-to-be-introduced) superpowers of Spider-Man. He’s really just a good fighter with a cool shield, isn’t he?

Well, not really, because in all the stories created starring Captain America since his introduction to the world in March, 1941, Cap’s actually accumulated a pretty cool arsenal of superpowers himself. There’s a ton of stuff that the famous red white and blue boy scout can do that we just haven’t seen in the MCU yet, and it’s exciting to think about just how much power is actually lurking behind Steve Rogers’ vibranium shield.

In preparation for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, let’s take a look at the 12 Powers You Didn’t Know Captain America Has.


When Steve Rogers got injected with the Super Soldier Serum and became Captain America, we all know that he became bigger, stronger, and tougher. It turned a sickly Steve into the perfect human specimen, just like that. But a cool side-effect of the Serum isn’t just that it made Rogers big and strong, but that it helps keep his superhuman body from getting tired and worn out; because even the most “perfect” human specimen gets tired every once in a while. And that’s why Captain America is different.

The Serum helps Captain America’s body destroy fatigue-inducing toxins that are prevalent in all humans, and as a result, Cap can keep going and going while his enemies eventually tire out. Without fatigue, Captain America cannot only use his physical dominance over everyone as an advantage, but he can do it for hours at a time, absolutely pummeling anyone who dares to face him. What’s more, without the need for rest or proper conditioning, Captain America only needs an hour or two of sleep a week to recharge, leaving him more time for things like training, which explains his skill at this next point…

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