Top 10 Captain America Super Powers

captain america sight

While all of Steve Rogers’ senses were boosted when he became Captain America, the most underrepresented and most useful sense-augmentation has to be sight. Although hearing and feeling things more than any other human certainly would have its advantages on the battlefield, Captain America’s sight gives him a huge leg up on approaching enemies.

Once claiming that he can “see faster,” Captain America’s sight doesn’t only work in terms of distance, but he also has the unique ability to process incoming visual stimuli faster than any other human. This allows him to pick out information that may be useful – especially things that would be impossible for a regular human to decipher – and figure out what it is that he’s looking at and how to deal with it.

It’s essentially like having Iron Man’s tech-augmented vision – no, not that Vision – and the computing power to deal with it; except Captain America’s version can’t run out of power.