Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Hulk

Created in 1962 by comic legends Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, this iconic character has held a unique place in Marvel’s many universes.

Not really a hero, antihero or villain, he’s a too often misunderstood superhero who is perhaps best left labeled simply as the Hulk. And if we’re to believe Mark Ruffalo (which we do) he’s about to get a whole lot hulk-ier when he teams up with Thor this coming Fall for their intergalactic buddy road-trip flick.

But there’s far more to Bruce Banner’s alter ego than just smashing things, getting angry and wearing purple pants, like procreating and Puppy Bombs. Here are 14 Things You Didn’t Know About the Hulk.


It’s a tale as old as time. A nerdy scientist gets blown away by a massive dose of gamma radiation and ends up transforming into the living personification of rage and pure physical strength. However, anyone hoping they too can become the Hulk by wandering onto a nuclear testing facility has another thing coming. There’s a lot more to Bruce Banner’s tragic transformation than just some puny gamma rays.

The real reason why the Hulk is the Hulk is because Bruce Banner was abused as a kid. The Incredible Hulk #312 revealed Bruce’s alcoholic father, Brian Banner, beat him as a child because he was scared of his son’s uncanny intelligence.

When Bruce’s mother intervened, his father kills her. Years later, after Brian is released from prison, Bruce confronts him at his mother’s grave. The two get in a fight, which ends with Bruce in turn killing his father. The young Banner immediately represses the incident until by chance one day he gets blown up by a gamma bomb and all that bottled up anger takes the form of the Hulk.

Some of this background was loosely used in Ang Lee’s 2003 adaptation, but taking a cue from Bruce, Marvel has repressed the incident which is why you may have forgotten it ever happened.