Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Hulk


Although this may not be news to avid readers of the comics, it may come as a surprise to most to learn that the Hulk is a father, or that he can even have sex at all without obliterating his partner. Enter Caiera the Oldstrong in Planet Hulk – a comic storyline many consider to be Hulk’s greatest and one that is rumored to be a major influence for Thor: Ragnarok. Not only did Hulk marry the powerful alien, but she provided him with twin sons – Skaar and Hiro-Kala.

There’s also Lyra, the offspring of Hulk and Thundra, who time travelled from an alternate future to grab some of the green giant’s DNA and use it to artificially conceive a genetically modified Hulkette. Speaking of genetic engineering there’s also speculation that chemically-conceived super spy Carmilla Black aka Scorpion is also his daughter.

Of course if you consider other alternate universes, outside Marvel’s primary continuity, there are plenty of little Hulks raging around. In the Old Man Logan storyline (which is rumored to become Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine 3), Hulk has an incestuous relationship with his first cousin She-Hulk which produces a brood of hillbilly Hulklings, though perhaps that’s best left to discuss another time.