Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Hulk


Did you know the Hulk can see dead people? Well he can, thanks to his messed up aforementioned relationship with his father. As a result, Bruce Banner has such an overwhelming fear of being haunted by his dad, that he unconsciously provided the Hulk with the ability to see and interact with paranormal apparitions. Fortunately, the Hulk eventually overcomes this fear when he visits Hell and beats up his father’s ghost.

Similarly, the Hulk is drawn back to the original bomb site of his gamma induced creation by the ghostly spirit of Maestro – a villainous future counterpart who seeks resurrection by absorbing the Hulk’s radiation. These same senses are also what gives Hulk the power to see Dr. Strange in his astral state, which normally leaves him invisible to the naked eye.

This last one would make for a pretty awesome post-credit sequence in the upcoming Dr. Strange movie.