Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Hulk



From the start, Hulk’s mild-mannered scientist alter-ego Bruce Banner ran into problems with his first name. It’s no surprise that given all the characters he was penning at the time, Stan Lee might forget one or two, which is why he used so many alliterative names.

However, with the Hulk this backfired when Mr. Lee accidentally started referring to Bruce Banner in the comics as Bob Banner. In response to the criticism over the inexplicable change, he decided there was only one thing to do. “From now on his name is Robert Bruce Banner – so we can’t go wrong no matter what we call him!” And that folks, is why Stan Lee is Stan Lee.

Far more inexcusable was the time the creators of the 1978 Hulk TV series decided to rename their lead character (played by Bill Bixby) to David Banner. The show’s producers claimed various reasons for the change including that it was unrealistic to have a character with an alliterative name (sorry Bill), that they didn’t want the show perceived as a comic book series and that it was a way for one producer to honor his son.

However, according to Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno, two people we trust explicitly when it comes to all things Hulk, the name was in reality changed because studio bigwigs thought “Bruce” sounded too gay.