Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Hulk


There was a time at the start of the millennium when it was pretty hard to ignore Freddie Prinze Jr. Even for the Hulk. Which is probably why a few years prior to writing Civil War, Mark Millar brought us The Ultimates. In that story, Nick Fury establishes a strike force of some of the world’s greatest heroes as a super villain deterrent at the government’s expense.

The only problem was there were no villains around to fight. Cue Bruce Banner. By injecting himself with a mixture of Captain America’s super soldier serum and the Hulk formula, Banner provides the team someone to publicly defeat so as to prove the government’s money wasn’t wasted. Of course, there was one thing no one counted on – just how much the Incredible Hulk hates Freddie Prinze Jr.

At the very moment he injects himself, Banner’s ex Betty Ross is on a date with the actor Freddie Prinze Jr. When he tries to warn her that he’s about to Hulk out, she tells him she’s having dinner with FPJ. Banner collapses in jealously, transforms and the result is a murderous rampage through New York in which the Hulk tries to eat Freddie Prinze.

Luckily the Ultimates suit up and are able to stop the Hulk after he only kills a couple hundred innocent people and says things like, “Hulk horny for Betty” and “Freddie Prinze can’t love you like Banner.”