Top 10 Video Games on Failed Consoles

Snake blew our minds all over again when he crept onto PSP in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, a portable instalment in Hideo Kojima’s award-winning stealth series that captured the blockbuster feel of its console comrades.

Peace Walker had it all – satisfying stealth elements, an in-depth squad management system, addictive multiplayer modes, and a bonkers storyline. It was every inch a Metal Gear Solid game and one of the best reasons to choose a PSP over a DS back in 2010.

With its recruitment tricks, base building, co-op and open-endedness, Peace Walker could very well be considered a rough draft for Phantom Pain, which expanded on it with the power of home consoles and PCs to become one of the best games of the decade so far, only rivaled by The Witcher 3 for Game of The Year in 2015.