Top 10 Most Stupidly Difficult Games of All Time

Yes, this thing exists. And presumably the programmers were instructed to make the game about as difficult as “facing off against Mike Tyson in real life whilst being intoxicated in a alleyway,” because that’s how insane this game is. Punchout is so hard, in fact, that its name has become a kind of synonym for impossible video games. Because the harder you try to beat this one, the more likely it is that you simply won’t. And that’ll be likely due to some severe stress disorder, which Punch-Out will undoubtably grant you.

You can’t save and you can’t continue: you just have to journey to the very end, clinging to your nerves in a plastic bag, where Mike Tyson – the goliath of final bosses that he is – awaits you. And that’s the end of the game, because few have ever beaten Tyson. “I don’t want nobody to be able to beat me at the end,” Tyson must have said before this thing went into production. “You hear me? Nobody!”