Top 10 Most Stupidly Difficult Games of All Time

The idea behind The Oregon Trail – an educational game, mind you – is to grant children a taste of the old pioneer days, what with the fact that it puts you on the back of a wagon and has you making your across America. Select your character, and off you go. What adventures await you?

Okay, well, limited supplies – pretty realistic, and this is educational, after all. Yes, The Oregon Trail required only that you try to survive and click “continue” to see what happened next. And usually “next” meant your death, no matter what plans or decisions you made to increase the chances that your own pioneer-era adventure would turn out okay – it was all completely random anyway.

Death was usually caused by being hungry and having no food, or being bushwhacked by Native Americans with a score to settle. Basically impossible to conqueror, The Oregon Trail remains a super-realistic portrait of pioneer life that confirms one thing we all knew to be true anyway: pioneer life sucks.