Top 10 Most Stupidly Difficult Games of All Time

If you value basic things like, you know, logic, then it’s probably best you don’t grab a copy of Discworld anytime soon. Based on the Terry Pratchett novels of the same name, this puzzle-solving, point ‘n click extravaganza forced players to try and work things out without any basis of normality. The puzzles were so obscure and so illogical, you would have been better poised just clicking everything at random intervals and hoping that it solved itself.

Obviously, it’s Discworld and “logical” isn’t exactly the first word that springs to mind, but c’mon. And when it says obscure puzzles, it really means obscure puzzles: they’re as insane as pick up a key, wipe it on a toadstool, pluck the toadstool, feed it to a frog, drink the frog’s unrealised sense of doubt, take the frog to market, unlock the door. Okay, so maybe that one’s made up, but it’s not far off the truth.