Top 10 Most Stupidly Difficult Games of All Time

Strictly speaking, this entry includes all games associated with this title, because they’re all equally insanely difficult, and because they’re all apparently proud of that fact. But unlike other games here, Demon’s Souls found itself somewhat praised for its difficulty level, presumably because it proposed a genuine challenge to avid gamers who’ve had to put up with genuinely easy games for the past decade or so. Demon’s Souls just took no prisoners and shocked everyone as a result.

Why’s it so hard, you ask? Well, how about a lack of health items, brutally insane boss fights, and a lack of checkpoints (for starters)? Besides that, many of the enemies you encounter in the game’s “dark fantasy” world can kill you in 2 or 3 hits. Simply put, it’s a game of trial and error, albeit one that makes you feel damn good about yourself should you succeed. Still, it’s constantly frustrating as heck, so don’t play this one if you’ve got a notoriously bad temper or a tendency to hit your siblings.