Top 10 Most Stupidly Difficult Games of All Time

Battletoads is never anything but something you wish you’d never been associated with. Hate it for its impossible-to-complete levels or the fact that it hates you from beginning to end, this game frequently finds itself atop most lists of the most difficult games ever available to purchase with real-world money. Presumably taking their cues from several mutant turtles of certain fame, Battletoads had you battling a couple of anthropomorphic amphibians through a whole host of stages designed to break your mind.

Be it the “Turbo Tunnel” – a stage so intricately insane that an Apache pilot would likely give up on the first go – or the “Snake Pit” – you’ll never get that far – Battletoads was surely a game that even its developers couldn’t complete. And maybe that’s the point. Maybe they’re still laughing at you all to this very day. If they haven’t been lynched by an angry mob or something.