Top 5 Video Game Tunes That Get You Immersed Before The Game Even Starts

People’s General

The obligatory obscure entry is the main theme of People’s General,  a TBS developed by Strategic SImulations in 1998. The game revolves around an East vs West World War 3 with the United States and China leading the charge on their respective ends.  

With units of each type numbering in the double digits, a lengthy sheet of stats for each and terrain playing a huge role, this game is much more in-depth than something like Advance Wars and CC: Red Alert, so the main theme sounds very militaristic.

From the name and the box art, it’s obvious that China is the poster boy of this game, so the sporadic oriental sounds really hit the spot. Even without them, the main theme sounds a lot more Chinese than American (just compare their gameplay music at 1:06 to the upbeat US trumpet  music at 3:42). It’s just the tune for a military parade in Beijing.