Top Ten Actresses and Comic Book Villains look alikes

1. Katie Holmes/Cheshire

Ever since Katie Holmes starred in her breakout role on Dawson’s Creek as little Joey Potter (even though in real life she was 20), it has crossed my mind that she looks kind of devious. Beautiful, yes, but when she smiles, there is something about her that looks almost sinister.

I have noticed this with several actresses actually, and she is one of them. Because of this, I have likened her to the villain Cheshire, who is a Vietnamese mercenary and one of the deadliest assassins in the DC Universe. She is an expert in both martial arts and the use of poisons. So obviously, their physical resemblance is where the commonality between Katie and Cheshire ends, especially since Katie enjoys “being the cute, little one.”

There is nothing cute about Cheshire! Katie was in one superhero movie, Batman Begins, in which she played Rachel Dawes, a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne’s and a character specifically created for the live-action Batman film.

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