Top Ten Physically Strongest Marvel Characters

2. Hercules – AKA The Lion of Olympus

marvel hercules strength

You have to hand it to the Marvel writers for creating a universe in which gods from two differing religions can coexist without people making a big deal about it. Like the Hercules of ancient myth, Marvel’s Hercules has been punch-murdering giant monsters since his first birthday (that’s not hyperbole, Hercules strangled a snake to death when he was still in his crib and the statues of it look amazing) and his godly physique is advanced enough to give him the strength to lift entire cities.

True to the myths his character is based on, Hercules has had no problem taking care of some of the literal heaviest hitters in Marvel canon up to and including Godzilla, who Hercules almost killed by throwing a bridge at him. (Godzilla #3) Hercules has also been seen filling in for Atlas by holding up all of existence on his broad, rippling shoulders like it ain’t no thing, so that Atlas could go steal some apples. (Herc #2)

Greatest feat of strength:

Without a doubt, it has to be the time he kicked about 70 trees into orbit, immediately after kicking another tree clean in half, if only because it paints Hercules as a man who really hates trees. (The Incredible Hercules #117)