Top Ten Physically Strongest Marvel Characters

1. Bruce Banner – AKA The Hulk

To paraphrase Wolverine, fighting the Hulk is like trying to go toe-to-toe with a walking earthquake and being on the receiving end of one of his world destroying backhands is like being hit by a dumptruck filled with mercury.

To put it simply, there is no conceivable limit to the Hulk’s power as long as there’s something around to make him angry. The Hulk is unfazed by all forms of conventional damage and can heal any damage by flexing and screaming. Considering the Hulk is always flexing and screaming, that makes him pretty much invincible.

There are numerous characters in the Marvel universe who can easily destroy a planet, but the Hulk is possibly the only one who can accomplish this with nothing but punching. The Hulk is able to throw a singular punch with such a force, ferocity, and speed that he can destroy an entire planet by punching someone standing on it (Incredible Hulks #634), shatter the reality of an entire dimension, or even punch through time (Incredible Hulk #135).

He also delivered a punch with such power that it literally lit up an entire universe (Incredible Hulk #126), and he once lifted a “150 billion ton mountain” to save virtually every hero in the Marvel universe, just because he could. (Secret Wars #4)

We know that there are technically stronger, more powerful beings in the Marvel universe, but how many of them can shatter arrows with their eyeballs?

Greatest feat of strength:

What, matching god himself by bringing light to an entire plane of existence with a punch wasn’t good enough for you? Here he is punching a deer. Not a super-powered omega level, god-deer, just a regular deer.

See? We told you Marvel characters have been getting exponentially stronger