Top Ten Physically Strongest Marvel Characters

9. Godzilla – AKA King of the Monsters

Before you rush of to check Google, yes, Godzilla is technically a Marvel character and he kicked some serious ass while Marvel had the rights to use his likeness in the ’70s. While he’s only appeared in handful of comics over the years, Godzilla was variously shown as being strong enough to lift entire buildings with ease, stop the Hulk by stomping on him, and match an early ’70s hair metal Thor in a test of strength when the pair both tried to push the Empire State Building (which weighs 365,000 tons) on top of one another (Godzilla, King of the Monsters #23). Why Godzilla didn’t just use his vast size to simply fall on Thor and crush him is proof to us that Godzilla just liked doing things the hard way.

Sadly since then, a bunch of the characters Godzilla fought have become exponentially stronger as time has gone on. As a result, many of his more impressive feats like punching highways to dust and backhanding Iron Man across a city block just don’t hold up to the more modern feats of brute strength from even third-tier heroes and villains.

Greatest feat of strength:

Suplexing an entire island filled with giant dinosaurs, including one he stabs in the face with his atomic fire breath, on the cover of the comic. ( Godzilla, King of the Monsters #22)