Top Ten Physically Strongest Marvel Characters

8. Adam Brashear – AKA Blue Marvel

adam brashear blue marvel strength

Saddled with a name that would invariably end up with him being “randomly” screened at 90% of American airports, Blue Marvel is a hero with a longer list of powers than Superman’s dog (not a typo). Along with being impervious to most damage and being able to somehow breathe in space, Blue Marvel is also sufficiently strong enough to nearly split the moon in two by punching it in the face. (Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #2)

Not good enough for you? Well then you certainly won’t be impressed by that time he also flew into space and dropkicked a meteor the size of an American state out of the Earth’s way, off panel. (Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1)

Greatest feat of strength:

While Blue Marvel has accomplished some truly astounding feats of strength over the years, our personal favorite is probably that one time he weathered a series of punches from a being claiming to have the power of “a million exploding suns” without being hurt. (Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #2)