Top Ten Physically Strongest Marvel Characters

7. Nezhno Abidemi – AKA Gentle

Gentle is the superhero alias of Nezhno Abidemi, a young mutant who was sent from his home of Wakanda (a fictional African nation you might recall as being home to Iron Man pile driving Hulk through a building in Age of Ultron) to America, purely so that he could learn to control his ability to become infinitely buff at will.

That’s not hyperbole, by the way. Abidemi’s mutant power allows him to control his muscle mass, thereby increasing his strength exponentially. The ability is so powerful that Abidemi has his entire body coated in vibranium tattoos, a substance that is virtually indestructible and can absorb an almost infinite amount of energy, to stop himself from become too buff and killing himself. Technically, if Abidemi’s tattoos were to fail, he’d become the strongest being on the planet, before his body tore itself apart in an explosion of biceps and haymakers. (New X-Men vol. 2 #42)

But here’s the thing: every time Abidemi uses his power, he becomes slightly stronger, and it’s believed that his 22-inch pythons will eventually become too powerful for even vibranium to contain. This makes Gentle the only Marvel character who could potentially create deadly, supersonic shrapnel, by flexing.

Greatest feat of strength:

Literally the first time Gentle is ever seen using his powers he nearly explodes a demon’s face with a single backhand. (New X-Men #39). Prior to this, he’s portrayed as some weedy guy who meditates a lot, which only makes his explosive transformation into demon-smashing behemoth all the more awesome.