Top Ten Physically Strongest Marvel Characters

5. Onslaught – AKA Professor Magneto

Onslaught is what happens when Professor X and Magneto decide to put on a pair of Potara earrings and combine their powers into a singular, unbelievably powerful entity. Birthed as a combination of Magneto’s rage and Professor X’s subconscious desire to use his power to its fullest extent, Onslaught possesses the powers of both of his creators and then some.

By utilizing the telekinetic powers of Professor X and the magnetokinetic powers of Magneto in tandem, Onslaught can lift objects weighing millions of tons with its mind and hit them with enough force to catapult them across a continent.

One of Onslaught’s greatest feats, however, is the time he was able to, with nothing but sheer brute strength, rip the Reddish gem of Cydonia out of the Juggernaut’s chest, a feat that was long believed to be impossible, since the only person who’s ever been able to get that close to the Juggernaut’s chest without being body checked into a bloody paste was She-Hulk. (Uncanny X-Men #322)

Greatest feat of strength:

We’d probably have to say that one time Onslaught proved that he had sufficiently big mind-biceps to physically control the Hulk, giving him the Hulk’s powers by proxy. (Incredible Hulk #444)