Top Ten Physically Strongest Marvel Characters

4. The Phoenix Force – AKA Dark Phoenix

Gifted with a limitless capacity for destruction, creation, and ass-whupping, the Phoenix Force can blink entire universes out of existence, defy physics, and manipulate matter on an infinite scale. As if being able to warp reality to its will wasn’t power enough, when the Phoenix Force bonds with a host, it also grants them the ability to move entire planets with a flick of the wrist. Because that’s fair.

How much a successfully bonded host can move isn’t known, though the Marvel wiki states the upper limit is probably somewhere in the “range of millions of megatons.” Which means that Brett Ratner could have ended the third X-Men movie with Famke Janssen roundhouse kicking a city block into Magneto, and it would have been more true to the comics.

Greatest feat of strength:

Come on, like we could say anything but the time the Phoenix Force evaporated an entire star just for the hell of it. (X-Men #135)