Top Ten WTF Moments In Batman Comics


The events of The Killing Joke have provided some of the most infamous moments in Batman canon. With some calling it the greatest comic book of all time and others deploring it as an unnecessarily perverse fridging, Alan Moore’s story has divided fans like no other. We all know how it goes.

The Joker shoots Barbara Gordon in the stomach, permanently paralyzing her. He takes off all her clothes while she lays in agony, photographs her and broadcasts her naked torment on massive screens in an attempt to drive her father insane. We learn the Clown Prince’s origins, get some impressive artwork by Brian Bolland, and hear a terrible analogous joke from the Joker after Batman saves the day, kind of.

Pretty much the entire comic is one big WTF, capstoned by its final scene. After quietly listening to the Joker’s joke, Batman surprisingly starts to chuckle. After all, what’s a sadistic tale of sexual exploitation, brutal violence and excessive Jim Gordon bare butt without a good laugh?

It’s rare enough for the the Dark Knight to crack a smile (except when he’s singing Christmas carols), but seeing him do so with his long-time foe after all that’s proceeded is nothing short of shocking. And then there’s the aftermath, as the Joker starts deliriously bawling and Bats widens his grin as he reaches out towards his foe to…

One things for sure, we’re still arguing over what happened in The Killing Joke.